Are You Predestined To Anything In Life?

Please note: Sometimes I’m compelled to act or to write something. Such was the case for the this piece.

If you’re aware of my training of  “The Wizard’s Edge,” you’ll understand why I follow through on those
“hunches.” I’m always hesitant to post this kind of material as I don’t want to be a preacher or guru. Nevertheless,
I know it will have meaning for others or possibly just one other person, maybe even you.
I don’t do a lot of editing or rewriting. It is just this for now.


Are you predestined to anything in life? Does God or Source or the Universe have a plan for you? Is there one single path you should be on in life?

How do you get to what’s best for you, not just what’s next for you?

After over forty years of exposure to different disciplines, conversations with “experts” from religion, metaphysics, spirituality, etc., I’ve formed some opinions. Even if you don’t agree with them, maybe you’ll find something here helpful.

The secret to knowing a full life is realizing your free will. That’s one of the major gifts we are given at birth.

As babies when we learn to crawl and stand we learn we have choices. Endless choices to touch, grab, eat, suck, push, hold, cuddle, or lean against. We learn either through results or parental guidance there are positive and negative consequences to our choices.

Some of us are taught poorly or with little guidance, while others get some kind of super holistic training that turns them into super successes over their lifetimes. Most of us are somewhere in the middle. By success I mean however it’s defined for that person.

Then how do you account for those who were brought up under the most difficult circumstances and lack of guidance and still become super successful, enlightened beings? Being aware of and using their free will, finding the right paths no matter what happens in between?

Part of enlightenment is a consciousness that self-guides us to non-stop learning of life’s lessons. The high end of that scale is a consistent curiosity and wonderment of each new discovery, even the simple ones. Part of my discovery now is that the other major part is forgiveness, not only of others but of God, and most importantly of myself.

You absolutely must forgive yourself first for all your free will errors in life. It’ not easy but the first step is the awareness of the importance of this action. If that resonates within you you’ll be led to the ways of doing this. Plus, in later posts, I’ll offer some ideas for you that I’m picking up now through amazing synchronicity.

I love synchronicity. It’s always for a reason, and we either don’t know what the reason is, or we discover why, and find it useful, or we never notice it. Nevertheless, synchronicity is popping around us constantly. It’s ours to see or miss, depending on our level of awareness at that moment.

If there is some grand plan for our lives, the gift of free will makes that plan null and void when we fail to perceive it. I’ve concluded that there are many paths to achieve our greatness, however subtle they may be. There are also many wrong paths available to us.

Perhaps this is another cause of mental illness? There’s so much to choose from it can drive you either crazy or block you from progression, so you just vegetate in place, living in misery, pain, and anger. I’ve been there, felt that, done that.

I don’t interpret enlightenment as any big deal. Some “gurus” have led masses to believe it’s some sort of destination or magical state that takes years of practice, training and discipline. And, of course often following a particular guru, religion, practice, etc.

While many of the aforementioned may help us live better lives, I think our path to enlightenment, that is, living better lives than what we previously lived, is due to a series of “AHA’s,” those epiphanies or thoughts that help change our direction and thought patterns.

Some people live their lives as seekers of “truth.” Unfortunately many of them remain in a mental pattern of being seekers and not finders. A major epiphany is to declare oneself a finder.

As for all those “paths?” I think they are dimly lit and hard to see, and too often we are in such a hurry to get to where we hope to go that we pass them by, too busy to notice the faint light of hope that could be life enhancing. It’s like the viral YouTube video of the woman walking in a mall while texting; right into a fountain.

The first step in getting to where we want to go is to be aware of the possibilities. The next is often the hardest, patience with the understanding that there are no overnight successes only overnight failures. It only takes a moment to quit.

Ultimately, success is a process of failures. Without patience and awareness we squander our free will, refusing to do what it takes to see all the gifts that are laid out for us. Of course, that’s also a use of our free will.

If you’re feeling stuck or unhappy with your circumstances, forgive yourself for being in that state. Yes, you brought it to you. No, it needn’t be permanent and you didn’t read this by accident.

Maybe you’re supposed to find the words or concept to help another get unstuck, to find their path.

It’s your decision what you perceive as synchronicity, what you do about it, how you react or reset your actions in life.

Synchronicity can be life changing when you simply examine the possibilities of those you perceive.

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