Your Inner Wizard And Mind Power, An Overview

This is just for you because you’ve signed on for the “Your Inner Wizard” Special Report or one of our activation sessions.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • “Your Inner Wizard” – How it can empower you
  • What’s On The Horizon For The Y.I.W. Group
  • An Interesting Exercise You Can Try

”Your Inner Wizard” – The Basics

I realize that not everyone understands the concept of Y.I.W., so I’ll give you a brief overview and also what to expect in the future.

We all know about the subconscious and its potential. The powers of the human mind have been researched by credible scientists and institutions for years. Volumes of lay and scientific information are available. It is truly the portal to all human success and failure. That’s why the exploration and activation processes are so vitally important.

Over the years I’ve had some extraordinary opportunities to work with some of the leading experts in the field of human potential. My research began as an experiencer, then as a television reporter and producer, seminar leader and coach. My research and interest has continued over the years. I’m continually surprised, amazed, and gratified by what I’m learning and experiencing. 

The wizard concept was brought to me by a very mysterious woman that I literally met in an underground cavern in the desert. She said she trained wizards. She said I was a wizard. In fact, so are you. All of us are. All we have to do is proclaim ourselves wizards and we become one.

I know, it was weird to me too. But through our continued meetings, she showed me an insight to human potential that I’d only heard about or conceptualized before.

Over time, this became a significant part my work and lifelong interest, which has evolved into what I now call, “Your Inner Wizard.”

Without sounding too mystical, I’m finding the right people are being drawn to this work with me. Some will join our list out of curiosity, then either ignore or unsubscribe. That’s fine. Anyone who’s read this far and who’s not at least curious should unsubscribe.

What I’ve discovered in my personal coaching and seminars over the years, beginning with the course on powers of the mind that I taught at UCLA’s Experimental College, is that by simply making someone aware of their Inner Wizard potential can awaken greater mind powers.

Recognition is the first step towards activation. It’s not all woo-woo either. It’s very practical and brings us into problem solving techniques and overcoming stress.

No magic here and nothing is infallible. Even “wizards” screw up. Believe me, I know!

But the awareness and exploration of the possibilities that lie within us will surely help to bring us into alignment with what we desire and who knows, maybe even enlightenment.

When you hear others talk of the “Law Of Attraction” (LOA) Your Inner Wizard is the starting point.

What’s On The Horizon For The Y.I.W. Group?

What we have here is the beginning of a community. Y.I.W. is both a personal development tool and a business enhancement technique. In fact, it can be used for any realm of self-improvement and creative problem solving.

There is great power in group synergy. Those of us who are of the same mindset and level of interest and choose to interact with each other have the greatest possibilities of advancement in our own development. This is regardless of age, experience, status, wealth, or education.

The activation process is continual. So, stay tuned for more to come on Your Inner Wizard as this website and blog are improved and expended.

Your input is always welcome, either in the comments section or emails to me.

WARNING: Because of my long experience as an entrepreneur and business consultant, and with all the opportunities to profit via the web, you’ll hear about opportunities, products, etc., that I’ll pass along from time to time.

I only recommend either products/services I’ve used or that come from sources that I know and respect. This is part of our business development or what I’m going to be referring to as, “Your Inner Marketer.”

ALSO: You’ll be seeing articles and links on health, usually within the alternative medical field. I’m respectful of allopathic medicine, but the pharmaceutical industry has gotten out of control and many well meaning doctors just don’t have the time to research on their own.

Eventually our members will have access to resource pages within each of these interest levels.

An Interesting Exercise You Can Try

Have you ever thought about someone you hadn’t seen or spoken to for some time and then they called or you just ran into them by “accident?”

We all have. Of course it’s easy to mark these up to coincidences. But that’s actually unlikely. We do get previews of life’s coming events, whether we try to or not. If you’ve read the special report or taken part in our activation sessions, you know that conscious and unconscious intuition is an important part of this process.

If someone pops into my mind who I haven’t from in a long time, I’m watchful to see what happens. Frequently they’ll call or email within a day or so.  Beware of that and just notice it.

But here’s a fun challenge. Think of someone you haven’t heard from in awhile. Visualize them calling or emailing you. Hold them in your mind a few times during the day. Write their name out and put it by your computer to remind you.

Let me know if you have any results. This also causes discussion about mind control, which we’ll be addressing in the future.

Here’s a quote from “How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed,” which the publisher of “Conversations With God” said he was surprised at the spiritual nature of what he thought was just a business book.

“You can’t manipulate anyone, but it’s entirely possible to be manipulated.” Your thoughts? Let me know.

More power to you,

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