Your Inner Wizard Gifts

Thank You!

I want to thank you for your time. If past experience is any indication, these two modest information packages will be well worth it for you.

I seriously want to urge you to read them both.Things are so easy to download and then forget. I do it all the time. But please don’t – not these!

Open each one and just read two pages. If you’re not grabbed by that point then either come back later or unsubscribe from the next tip or gift I send. Obviously this wouldn’t be for you.

But If I’m right, as so many others have discovered, that these tools will be life changing for you…and they’ve cost you nothing, you have much more risk not giving each one at least a couple of minutes of your time, right? Of course!

The Secret 5-Minute Intuitive Training Technique may be one of the most powerful techniques you’ll ever learn. Click Here now to get it on your desktop in moments.


The Wizard’s Edge began when I taught a course on mind dynamics  at UCLA’s Experimental College years ago. Since then I’ve shared it with my private clients and closed seminars throughout North America and Canada.

Session One is the foundation of this 6-Part course. By receiving this, you’ll understand the real power of the course, and for an additional benefit, if you’d like to join us in the program, you’ll get that at a very nice discount.Click here or on the cover to download.


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