YIW Activation Webcast 2

Truly An Incredible Experience

The power and emotion that comes with an authentic search for self empowerment was on display in this webcast

Participants from around the world came with questions and comments as we got a bit deeper into the Inner Wizard experience.

The audio is available for you to listen online or to download. You’ll find that below.

I got an email after the webcast last night. I’m sorry she had to ask, I could have explained it better, but it was quite a ride last night and I was too involved with the questions to go off into any kind of promotion.

Q: What’s A Wizard Session?

A: My coaching has always included the use of intuition. My clients weren’t told this, it was just there.

There is a unique perspective to my work because of my background in business, the arts, spiritual matters, and my life as an entrepreneur.

I’ve never much like the term, “Life Coach.” But I began doing it while still in my early 20’s before anyone even used the term coach, let alone life coach.

I’m able to deal with my clients and many personal and business levels. From marketers to the world famous to internationally renown scientists and just plain average folks.

A Wizard Session is whatever you want to concentrate on. Business, creative matters, relationships ( I actually wrote a book and audio series on the topic once) to getting through life with greater ease.

Because of my schedule, I have little time, but I love to do this work and If you can’t get in now, we can make a reservation for you within the near future.

There are also some Wizard Session times that have opened up.

I also have 1 slot 12 session slot available for an incredible bargain.

Take a look at our Wizard Session page and select the one you want and we’ll get back to you with appointment availabilities. If we can’t get you in when you want, of course you’ll receive a refund.

Here’s your audio of the webcast.

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