Why I love procrastination

I love procrastination! 

Procrastination gives me the time to watch silly kitty videos on YouTube and Facebook.

I can kick back, call an old friend and talk about all the things we wanted to do but never got around to doing.

Procrastination is what I can do when I get stuck. I can shift to something more pleasurable and get away from all that confusion and avoid the next big decision.

When I’m overwhelmed with business, life or a wife. Oops, no wife, not for awhile, but she was great, don’t get me wrong! But it rhymed; anyway…

Procrastination is like cocaine or heroin, at least I would imagine it is, I’ve never tried either of those. It is an escape, a seemingly (at first) harmless break from the reality of the pain of not knowing what to do next.

Well, at least I love procrastinating until I consider this:
There are two results of procrastination. One you can see, one you can’t see.

If you miss a deadline, you can see the results or rather, lack of them.

If you were texting, watching YouTube, or whatever, and lost track of time and missed that job interview or an important business appointment, you can see the results of procrastination.

  • What you can’t see is the result of:
  • the business you never started
  • the book you never wrote
  • the relationship you never knew
  • the invention you never completed
  • the beautiful people you didn’t meet
    the money you left on the “table.”

Procrastination isn’t about laziness, at least not most of the time.

Sometimes procrastination is about fear of:

  • Competition
  • Failure
  • Looking foolish
  • Being seen as “different.”
  • Not being the vision you held

Sometimes procrastination is about being uncertain, alone (especially solopreneurs), fear of unknown outcomes, being overwhelmed and so much more.

Procrastination is the enemy of completion.

All those dreams, the book you would write one day, the business you’d start or improve upon. The perfect man or woman in your life; who you could meet if you didn’t put off going out.

Remember Tom Cruz in that movie when he said, “You complete me.”

Well, procrastination incompletes you. So, STOP IT!

Here’s the first rule of stopping procrastination:

Be aware of the possibility that you may be procrastinating at any given moment.

More to come on that.

However, there are those who simply don’t procrastinate. They may look like it, but they really aren’t. These people may include, not be limited to:

  • Inventors
  • Future inventors
  • Great thinkers
  • Thinkers
  • Writers
  • Professional speakers
  • Teachers and professors
  • Anyone caught dozing

If you’re in the above group or you’ve ever been accused of procrastinating, it’s not enough to protest. No, you must do something about it! Here’s your chance.

If you blow this, then you’ve just proved to everyone reading this letter that you are a procrastinator. Okay, maybe not everyone…

Here’s a guaranteed way that you will now be able to prove to the world that you are not a procrastinator.

If you’ve ever been accused or you fear future accusations of procrastination, you must do this now.

It will only take a few minutes, but what a dynamic difference it will make in your life…for the rest of your life!

If you smile or laugh during this process, just consider that a bonus.

Go here right now:

More power to you,


P.S. Surely you have friends in the same predicament as you. Please, do them this favor and forward this important letter to them, so they will have the same advantage in life that you are about to enjoy.

Serious Note:
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That one thing you’ve wanted to complete is now possible. See it here now but don’t wait. Just one, then it’s gone.


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