Why I Love American Idol

American_Jdol_judges Every generation is full of poor examples of their tribe. You’ll find the naysayers of the young pointing out their deficiencies on a regular basis. Of course they’re right; there are bad apples, stupid and ignorant kids in every large group.

American Idol is no exception, showing off an under 30 group of young people who want to perform and become stars. For entertainment sake they show a mix of great to foolish and possibly mentally ill people. The latter is the exception to my positive feelings for the show. 

What makes it all worthwhile are the inspiring, entertaining and even heartwarming examples of every generation. Talented, dedicated, hard working youth who display their wonderful wares to the millions of viewers every week.

American Idol is the Superbowl of talented young people whose lives we come to care about.

I’ve liked this show for years though not loved it until this year. The reason is the exceptional panel of judges who show a combination of enthusiasm, support, humor and mutual respect for one another. They can be cutting for sure, but usually on those who need firm direction.

I’ve become fans of these people as human beings, not celebrities. Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. have earned that respect. I’ve been around a lot of celebs in my life so I know that what you see is not always what you get, especially out of the public eye. But I don’t care with this group because of their public humanity, support and the nurturing that some wonderful talent needs, which will insure that many of them will far outlast a TV show to go on to share their talent into future generations.

Tom Justin
Author of the best selling book on overcoming rejection, humiliation and disappointment

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