What’s The Best Possible Time?

A spotlight illuminates bright, red "NOW" on a dark background of "LATER"s.

Are you on the edge of making a major decision or a big move in your life?

On the edge? What does that mean?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking of doing something outside your “box.” It’s on your mind so much that it’s hard to sleep nights.

So, if you’re on the edge no time may seem right. In that case, the time is now.

For what?

Stay with me. I’m coming to that.

Maybe you’re  between edges. That valley of dullness and apathy that almost everyone has experienced in life. Also known as STUCK.

So, you’re looking for the best time to make your next major decision.

What’s the best time?

I don’t know and neither do you. Sure, there might be a more convenient time. But read on, because I’ll prove to you why there is no best time.

If you’re stuck, the time is now, more than ever, that time is now to do something. To take some sort of action, to risk something small to gain something great.

If you’ve read even this far, you’re not alone. Nor should you be, ever again.


Stuck or on the edge, this is the best possible time. You, right now, reading this, the perfect time. Just don’t wait.

You need to read every word of this because that time is also about up.

There is one common solution for all your concerns, your negative feelings or your hesitation.

It’s the choice of winners. It’s the word of champions.

It’s what people of accomplishment didn’t do before they were known as people of accomplishment.

Most of them were scared before they did this.

Sometimes it’s like our kids on the ledge above the swimming pool being encouraged to jump in. The yells echo out to them, “The water’s fine! Jump in!”

Then we watch as they jump in, splashing and sputtering and their fear turns from hesitation to shrieks of laughter. Their joy and memories last lifetimes; theirs and ours.

Transformation is what happens when we shift our lack of hope, fears, apathy, and hesitation into results and accomplishments.

The word is ACTION. It causes events that are the beginning of our new creations and our new lives. Nothing happens without it.

Action ultimately transforms us from what we didn’t want to be to who we want to become and more of what we want to have.

I don’t know about you, but those yells of encouragement from my folks helped my decision to jump in. The lessons learned through the encouragement to take action have transformed into the major events and life lessons ever since.

Could I have jumped in by myself, maybe even learned by myself, just out of survival? Quite possibly. I wouldn’t like the odds of survival, I know that. The struggle and fear would not have been replaced with the joy of learning and the safety I felt in the process.

That’s been true my entire business life. Working with others. Finding mentors, coaches, partners and inspiration through them and others.


The foundation of creative action is the risk/reward ratio. What’s your greatest risk and what’s the potential reward? They should be commensurate to make it worthwhile.

One of the secrets to accomplishment was my conscious decision to align myself with mentors. I tried to make sure that each one had a win-win relationship. That quid-pro-quo; something for something exchanged.

I’ve been encouraged to jump in time and again. Then it was my turn to encourage others to act, to guide and assist them, just as others did for me, and still do.

One of the most rewarding things I’ve done has been mentorship with individuals and small groups toward greater achievement.

Whether it was helping to build a $40 million dollar a year company from scratch, consulting with billion dollar enterprises, or getting a small businessperson up and running, the feeling is the same. Satisfaction.

But please also know that I write this reflectively. I’ve hesitated at times in my life that created regret later. I think regret is mostly a waste of time, except when we can learn specific lessons.


So, is it time? Some will lie to themselves and say, “no, this is not the best time.” Most of those people have been saying that most of their lives. They’ll never know. Time will be something they talk about not something they experienced.

The only way to know if it’s even a good time is by taking the risk of action. Inaction and fear are the deep footprints of the stuck.

The lack of action is usually a sign of a lack of inspiration. Before moving ahead with anything that is life changing, the question to ask yourself is, “Am I inspired?” If not, you must find that inspiration. The personal cause that creates your reason for being able to take the risks for being greater.

The magic in being unstuck or moving from hesitation to action is that first foot forward. It’s not easy but help is always available.


An Energy Vampire is one who sucks the energy out of his/her environment. They don’t contribute, they take.

They suck up every zero cost webcast or F*R*E*E ebook offered. They seldom attend an online event but always make a reservation. They download but hardly ever read and they seldom buy anything or if they do, they ask for refunds.!

So, they know who they are, and are now appropriately offended.

All hesitancy is not bad. It’s fine to be cautious when it’s appropriate. But those whose history is about holding back and feeling regret can begin to find the active participation in life now. Regardless of your age or circumstance. Don’t do it now, do something now. Make a move, big or small, it’s time to act.

Tom Justin
The Wizard Of AHAs!

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2 Responses to “What’s The Best Possible Time?”

  1. Winston says:

    Yes, it’s true. There are things I can look back on (and used to) where I just wished I had done something that really mattered to me. Many things just fade if they sit too long, and those are the ones you seem to regret the most later. Action and change have been major themes in my life over the last year – if it interests me I’m going to dig into it – one way or another. As an example, I’m 60 and I’ve just taken up the guitar. I say far better now than never.

    Many times you simply have to push past your comfort zone, it’s what you do if you want to get moving.

  2. I do not recall achieving anything from projects I did not start

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