Gifts From Your Inner Wizard (YIW)

Welcome !

You have within you an “Inner Wizard” that can guide you away from danger,
towards prosperity, help you make better decisions and become more creative.

There is also an inner idiot within each of us.
That part which gives into greed, negativity, stupid decisions, and anger.
Come along with us as we focus on Your Inner Wizard.

The expansion of your mind, consciousness, and awareness is what we’re about here. I’ll be sharing more and more possibilities with you plus the chance for your input. But more on that later.

Below are some gifts, two of which are supplied  by friends, but all of which can assist you with the your mind expansion and greater creativity in all facets of your life.

The Wizard’s Edge – Session 1

FREE – I’ve never done this before. – The first session of my 6-part course on how to use your intuition in everyday life.
This is a powerful book in itself and will soon be a published version, but today it’s yours – complimentary.

NOTE: This includes  “The Secret 5-Minute Intuitive Training Technique,” where you will discover how to tap into your intuition in five minutes or less!

Complimentary Best Seller

Attract Money Now is a life work of the super successful Joe Vitale. If you already have this book, have you read it?
This page may be worth it just for the reminder! Click on the book to activate.

Your Exclusive Numerology Report
(Complimentary – Click On The Picture)

This is one of the most thorough reports I’ve ever seen on this topic…and it’s free!
When I got my report I thought I’d mistakenly paid for it.
This is the kind of thing I like to give to real skeptics. Over and over again,
my friends have told me they were blown away by their extraordinary reports.
Once you get yours, tell me what you think.

The Brain Evolution System
Free Audio CD
The Most Powerful Self-Development Technology Available
Enjoy Limitless Energy, Rocket your IQ, Master Emotions, Think Faster, Enjoy Creative Ruses,
Improve Relationships, Double your ability to learn, Sleep Less, Release Stress


More To Come – Stay tuned for more bonuses, webcasts, special updates, and suggestions.

 I value your input and would like to encourage you to express yourself on our comments page here or via email to me.

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