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*Beejal_et_alI’m attending a 3-day success boot camp at the invitation of an extraordinary man, and new friend of mine, Beejal Parmer. He asked me, along with two other coaching friends of his, to observe and to a lesser extent, speak to the group.

We have another day (Sunday) to go and to grow. I think we all grow, even if just absorbing the energy that this special group puts out.

Any event that gets you thinking is a great event and well worth the time and money. This is one of those for me and I still have a day to grow more.

As I drove home tonight, I got a hit, an AHA, a life changer. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to share it with you.

It was like a whispering in my ear. Here’s what I heard, “If you could give but one tip, one piece of advice, to anyone willing to listen, what would that be?”

The answer came to me right away. It was so simple that anyone who’s studied personal development for any length of time might just flick it away like an annoying piece of lint. “Been there heard that.”

I have a 3-day special ending this weekend. See it right here. It’s not right for everyone, so check it out before it ends.

Here’s what came to me. Consider it.

Re-design your life, just the way you want it to be. As successful as you can imagine it to be. Visualize yourself in your ideal life. Get as detailed as you like and do not limit this vision by any definition of “reality.”

Here’s the tip: Believe it’s possible. Really? Yup.

Here’s a little detail. The magic of synchronicity will bring to you what you need. Now, there’s no overnight success here, only overnight failure, because it takes an instant to give up and unknown time, from a moment to the center of your belief, to realize your dreams.

So, maintain that it’s possible. Failures mean nothing, as long as you keep going.

Failure isn’t the problem, quitting is. Stay on course, adjust. Your belief in the possibility will keep you going.

Too simple? Let me know.

More power to you,


Here’s that special link. Check it out.



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