I Kept This Secret For Years

Tom Justin

I’m going to share information with you here that until recently was never before  disclosed publicly. In fact, I went out of my way to keep it a secret from all but a few friends.

Four very powerful advisers had, for years, urged me to come forward with the whole story. One told me that I’d be stuck with one foot in “business hell” if I didn’t completely release this. I never did . . . until one weekend when I started the blog Your Inner Wizard, which led eventually to my “Wizard” series.

While I’ve talked about my intuitive work and you may have seen my course, The Wizard’s Edge about the Intuitive Click method I teach, the entire story was never fully revealed.

It’s now well known that I’ve taught MD’s to movie stars how to use their intuition. Business leaders to homemakers too.

I also taught a course at UCLA’s Experimental College on the subject of Your Intuitive Mind. That’s where The Wizard’s Edge Techniques were first developed. 

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But Here’s The Untold Story

At the age of 22 I began doing “Intuitive Coaching” with an actor I’d just met. It began casually because he, for some reason, asked my opinion about his next career move.

I correctly identified some people around him whom I’d never met, and the advice they were giving him. Somehow I had a feeling about a contract proposal he’d just received on the TV series he was currently starring in.

He said no, that wasn’t correct, he’d had no new proposals. But then just such a proposal was presented to him the following day, just as we’d discussed.

We were both shocked at the information that was coming out during our sessions. Me, more than him.

He began making decisions about his career that helped propel him to the top rated show of it’s time. “M*A*S*H. His name was McLean Stevenson, aka Col. Henry Blake. 

Believe me, I’m not taking any credit for his success. But his agents wanted him to go in other directions, yet the intuitive information didn’t agree with them, and neither did McLean. He made his own decisions. I was always surprised when he asked for my “opinions.”

While I’d been teaching intuition, I never talked about my own history or how I’d used it. I believe we all have these abilities buried within us, and some of my students were showing awesome results.

I was also a special reporter on “Powers Of The Mind” for KTTV in Los Angeles as well as their other stations throughout the country. But only as a reporter, an “expert” on the subject, not a practitioner.

I also hosted a series of syndicated TV specials where I interviewed scientists to psychics. During a break, one of the psychics looked me in the eye and said, “You can do this too!” The director said that even with my TV makeup, he could see me turning red.

The word-of-mouth began to circulate about my intuitive sessions, especially in Hollywood. Even a well-known casting director, who also begged for anonymity, called on me to help with difficult decisions.

I wasn’t even charging for these sessions until finally, I thought that if I did, no one would pay and they’d go away. Yet even more people called, some after midnight from as far away as Europe.

Bruce Willis publicly thanked me as a result of just one session we did together. He included my name in a full page Daily Variety and Hollywood Reporter ad.

It absolutely freaked me out!

I was still in my 20’s,  and I was overwhelmed with the numbers of people who began calling me, seeking sessions.

I just couldn’t handle it. I changed my phone number, instructed my friends to say nothing more about these sessions or their experiences with me to anyone, and to please not discuss it further with me either.

I can’t adequately describe the fear and pain I was in. As much as I understood about the innate abilities we all have with our intuition, others couldn’t see that. They saw me as something I clearly did not feel.

Being placed on a pedestal is dangerous. It’s the most unstable form of architecture there is. One little push and it topples you.

I also didn’t understand that the information I was getting was not my responsibility any more than a weather forecaster announcing a tornado warning is responsible for those who choose to ignore it. And, like the weather, things change. Especially in the human being. We have the power of choice and we can choose to change the road we are on at any time.

An Incredible And Mysterious Meeting

At about this same time I met a mentor. This meeting and its aftermath, some of which continues to this day, remains as one of the most mystical and amazing experiences of my life.

She said she trained wizards. But being a wizard was no big deal because we are all wizards if we so declare it.

“A wizard can tap into his/her deepest mind and bring out unknown wisdom and knowledge. We all have hunches and intuitive feelings, but we should use these abilites on purpose.”

She also said that it would be a part of my mission, if I agreed.

We all have an inner wizard that can guide us away from danger, toward prosperity, help us make better decisions and become more creative.

We also have an inner idiot. That part that gives into greed, negativity, stupid decisions, and anger.
Which one do you use the most?
From a Wizard Session

After a lot of resistance on my part, then numerous meetings with her and others, she and her husband vanished.

By that time my world was upside down. She had been a great help to my understanding, but I felt undone, especially with her leaving so suddenly.

She said that I might walk away from it all one day. Even forgetting the entire series of events with her until it was time to remember and use it again. She was right. I never discussed this again for years. I literally put it out of my mind.

An Awakening?

Several years ago there was a gradual awakening to the reality of my intuitive work. I opened up over a luncheon with two people I hardly knew. I told them the whole story of my mysterious meetings and several earth shaking stories! They were flabbergasted! So was I. I’d literally emptied my mind about all of this until that afternoon.

While my coaching and corporate consulting always had an element of intuition, though I never identified it as such to my clients.

For example, I was able to pick out a fraudulent VP candidate for a client and warn him, though I had no evidence. Based on his resume it made no sense to either myself or the client, but it was a strong feeling nevertheless and I knew I needed to voice my concerns to him.

The man was hired, but later arrested by the FBI. He was a complete fraud with a phony ID. My client was understandably angry. Why hadn’t I given him my source, my data? What could I say? I was too afraid to tell him it was intuition based.

“I know I derived unprecedented intuitive help from the intense
consultations you helped me with. You do have a gift that is intuitive
and surpasses that of other “business consultants, advisors or
coaches.” I will support you in your new endeavor in any way
 conceivable. You are truly gifted and the world can greatly benefit
from your intuition and astute business advice.

Dr. Maryel Mckinley

Psychic Readings vs Intuitive Coaching

I’ve met some mysteriously gifted people who call themselves “psychic,” and I don’t consider myself as such.

It may be a difficult distinction for some, but the intuitive session is a give and take exchange. A psychic session should be such that the subject remains passive, except for their questions (not the psychic’s).

How legitimate psychics tune in is a subject for another time.

The Wizard Session is about subtle to hidden information. No doubt, just as in some brief answers to questions on our recent call, information about the subject came into view without prompting that was highly accurate.

My Direction Today

I know we all have a Source, guidance that is as available to us just as a book on a shelf or Google on our computer screens. Whether we use it is up to us.

I finally paid attention to not only some powerful and trusted advisors, but to that Source. The message to me is more distinct and clear than ever before.


So, now you have an overview of the background that has led me to emphasize an important part of my work.

What’s A Wizard Coaching Session And How Can It Benefit You?

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Your session  may include areas that I have intimate knowledge of, from marketing to strategy to how to use the power of the Internet better. Or it may just be about your life’s work, your challenges and decisions. 

A session may aid you in solving or better understanding perplexing business or personal matters, or it could free you from self-imposed conditions that don’t serve your best interests.

Business Or Life Coaching – Your Choice

Each session lasts about 1 hour.

Multiple sessions are also available. Please see the schedule below.

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If you are a skeptic, then I hope you are, as am I, an open-minded skeptic. It’s the best way to remain clear on the important matters of life.

I am available to answer your questions. Please email me Support AT YourInnerWizard.com (Separated address to avoid spammers).

Why Did Bruce Willis Thank Tom Justin In A Full Page Ad In Variety? 

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“Thank You So Much for this Amazing, Intuitive
and Wondeful call !!!!!!!”
You’re dead on about me.
Wow! excatly what you are talking with Tracy
RIGHT NOW!! is also directly to me!!! It is so
wonderful listening to you :).
Ewa-Falkenberg Sweden
Wow! That was an amazing call tonight! Thanks
ever so much. All through the call, it was as
if every answer you gave was for me. Even the
woman that you talked to about doing knitting
instead of what she should be doing. I was
knitting as I listened to the call, lol. I sent
my blessing to each person that they have their
desires manifest, I was sending blessings to
It was (the call) very valuable to me.
The points I took away were:
Why is stuck so comfortable?
You DO know your talent if more than one person
has told you. (personal – even if you always
said “no way” I think you are right)
What are you willing to give up for what you
want? And remember to make someone’s day with
your positivity and words
You are AWESOME! Thank You for being an example
of living in power.
Love, Suzanne
I need to create an income to help restore the
environment of the Amazon
Philip – UK
. . .
You are right! I have been procrastinating, &
acting small for years. I had only told one
person about restoring the Amazon before
Philip – UK
You can send your friends who aren’t on our list yet to:
http://budurl.com/YIWNC for registration. We’ll follow up with their invitations.

“Wizard Coaching” sessions are not intended to be, nor should they be considered, psychological or medical advice. Neither Tom Justin or his associates are licensed medical, psychological or financial practitioners. All advisory discussions may be subject to the client’s consultation with specific professionals in those given areas. All decisions are the the responsibility of each Client.

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