The Most Important Search Of Your Life?

You must look for this daily! It’s more important than vitamins. It creates accomplishment, satisfaction, money, better relationships and happiness!

It’s abundant and can be found for as little as free.

It’s also life changing or at least mood boosting. It can be an island of comfort in a sea of chaos.

It won’t take you long to find it either, in fact you’ll find it as you go about your day. . . if you are looking for it. Far less time than you spend on your Twitter account, with greater results.

Great books and ideas are created from this. Money oozes from the discoveries the lie within this simple word.

It may cause great changes in your life or it may just be one more comfort moment in a busy day.

After all of that, it may seem simple. It is, and it’s wonderful.

The word?


It could be a quote, a success story, a sudden “good” idea that you write down to take action on later. Your search will produce many good things. It’s a no lose proposition.

Before the onslaught of acclaim about Susan Boyle, who was the “dowdy” woman on Britain’s Got Talent, I wrote an article with her YouTube video.

I was inspired because her appearance and awkwardness caused the audience and even the judges to visibly mock her before they knew anything more that what they could see.

Then she sang and tears and cheers erupted from the audience. And then others like ourselves, watching it from around the world were compelled to share it with our friends.

That’s why I’ve always enjoyed inspirational examples and biographies. All these great success stories are largely about people just like us. The difference? Once inspired they took action. The found power.

Many failed, sometimes frequently, but they didn’t quit.

When you look beneath thier surface, not only did they continue to seek inspiration, they gave it.

I was mightily inspired by a young waitress in a busy airport coffee shop. I was better for it and for long afterwards. Her story also inspired others too.

In my book, “How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed,” is this statement: “To find inspiration is like finding gold. To be inspiring is like creating gold.” This is the easiest and potentially, the most profitable mining most of us will ever do.

Activated humans are the most powerful force on earth.


To be activated you must be pro-active. Be “turned on” to the possibilities, seeking opportunity or openings from all the sources available to you.

It’s not even hard work. It’s simple and anyone can do it. Here’s how:

First, turn on your mindset to be conscious of discovery. If you need a reminder put the word “Inspired!” on a sheet of paper and place it where you’ll see it frequently.

If you have a calendar reminder on your computer, set it to periodically remind you with this phrase; “T.A.N. Take Action Now!” Or write it out where you’ll see it.

Years ago, because of a moment of inspiration, I wrote a single phrase on a sheet of paper that helped me through a difficult time. Then, a few months ago, I found that rumpled paper and it helped me (and many others) again. I wrote about it in my blog. It was amazing to see the release it created in myself and others.

When you find this kind of gold daily, you will replace it with those destructive feelings of despair, apathy, fear, and powerlessness.

Note: I got this idea in the shower. I felt that I had to get it down. I’m sitting now in a wet chair wrapped in towels. Maybe not a great image, but it’s one of the reasons I love inspiration; it just feels so good!

Could you hand be another towel please?

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