The last 12 days and why this may be for you…


 Last week, I had some ideas for blog posts, and even

started some. “The best day of the year to have a

headache, and why,” etc.


A few of you will wonder, after reading this, “Why is he

telling me this? While others will say, “Why didn’t I know

this earlier?

This is going to both friends, clients, potential clients, etc.

So, it’s more personal for some while not quite enough for

others, to the latter, I’ll clarify better later.


As short as I can write it, I’ve been in the hospital since

Saturday. Thank God for close friends, prayer, and


I’d had clean bills of health for the aftermath of my

colon cancer surgery last year. FREE OF IT!

First, for business, some of you were expecting

notification of a date for the new mastermind classes. That

may not happen til next week.

For my private clients, those who had sessions up to today,

I’ve already canceled with you. For those with sessions

Thursday and beyond, don’t assume a cancelation unless you

hear directly from me.


However some of the after-effects have required drugs,

which I never care to take, but if it’s solving the

problem, sure.


I spent a week feeling like I”d been poisoned. My “family

physician” make a prescription, including an

over-the-counter product that he suggested doubling the

dosage for two days, 3 X a day. I recall saying, “really?”


I tried it for a day and then felt more poisoned. I stopped

on my own.


Turns out the OTC medications must not be taken with one of

my ant-coagulant drugs. The affronted range for simplicity

is between 3-4 (INR). A week ago it was at 2.2. Saturday it

was unmeasurable, then later down to “57” (not good at all)

and finally, today, within acceptable ranges about 3.5.


Theres still damage to be undone, but today was a feel

great day and even slightly productive.


I’ll know more on Wed and fill you in appropropriately.


Not yet sure when I get out of here. But soon, I hope.


For those of you with pending days, or discussions due on

JV’s etc., we’ll do it when the time is right.


Any scheduled dates that can’t be handled, I’ll notify you,

but at anytime, feel free to inquire.


Groups sessions for the remainder of this week are



I’m glad I didn’t follow the “expert’s” instructions, and

went by both intuition, personal reactions, and prayed

along the way for the right way to do it all.


I appreciate you all, and please forgive my lack of

immediate energy to edit this between business and friends.

Love and blessings,


ALSO: For those wondering about Tom’s webinar, The 3 Most Asked Questions About Intuition, you can register here.

P.S. Of course, my ongoing request to your for prayers, even for the moment, is always there. I love that energy! 

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