The Entrepreneur Or Not?

In business for yourself but not by yourself?

That’s a phrase I created over 25 years ago in my seminars and articles. I see it used a lot today, especially in one industry. 

As a business strategist, coach, former consultant to Entrepreneur Magazine, and frequent speaker on business start-ups, I feel like I’ve seen them all. Of course, I haven’t, but there are some basic businesses that anyone can begin with little and even no money.

There are frequent truths and lies about these particular types of self-employment, and I’d like to illuminate some of them from my perspective. I wrote an article on this awhile back that may become a short book soon. 

Before I bring that piece back, I’d like to know what kind of business you’d be interested in starting or that you’re already in and your biggest question? 

I’ll answer as quickly as I can and to the best of my experience.

In addition to the nuts and bolts of business start-ups, consulting, coaching, etc., I can’t help but bring intuition into the mix. 

We all use intuition, whether we call it that or even realize it. Creative ideas are from that source. Some might say, “Source.” Some hasty decisions (not all, by any means) seemed to come out of nowhere and made without thinking that turn out to be perfect, are intuitive.

I was helping a client negotiate a $3 million investment. It was the first meeting over lunch. We’d crafted a multi-part strategy that would take place in at least two, maybe three meetings. The investor was extremely fussy and was known for his extraordinary due diligence. 

By dessert at our first meeting, without thinking, I asked him the closing question that should have been at least another session away. My client looked like he wanted to punch me. He did want to, as he later told me.

The investor committed right then and there to not only the initial investment but another $3 million as a backup letter of credit. 

When I was asked later why I abandoned the crafted plan, all I could say was, “It felt right.” That’s exactly what our new partner said later too when I asked him about it. In fact, that move of mine, instead of getting me punched, landed a partnership in a company that did $45 million in sales within the first 18 months of business.

So, if you’re in business for yourself or would like to be, pop your most important question here or in an email to me. I’ll do my best to answer or at least steer you to a source for an answer. 

How That Intuition Thing Works

A question I get a lot is how does intuition work on a practical level? I have lots of examples, like the one above, but something that happened last night is also illustrative. 

I’m blessed to be able to be able to go to sleep easily and sleep soundly. Last night, however, I awoke after a couple of hours for no apparent reason. 

I never check my email in the middle of the night, but last night, I did. Someone who had just purchased The Wizard’s Edge course had a link that didn’t work. It was after 1 AM, and I could see that she was in Europe. So I needed to take action.

I do not like customers in trouble with anything I provide. So, I popped (or lumbered) over to my computer to get it worked out. I got a working link saved to my clipboard and sent off a note explaining why the link she had probably didn’t work.

I exhaled in the satisfaction that my “Intuitive Click” worked for me once again and went right to sleep, knowing I’d been able to satisfy another happy customer. 

What didn’t work in all of that was me. Today I got a friendly note, the best kind, by the way, from my new and very understanding customer. 

It seems I forgot to include the link last night. Sheez! 

More power to you,


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