Intuitive or Psycho? How To Find Your Intuitive Ability

I was scared and beaten down. I recoiled at the sound of  my own phone ringing. My physical and mental energy had been so depleted that close friends were worried about me.

I’d been a vital, happy young man, then in my mid-20’s, and seemed to have the world on a string. Great things had been happening to me for over two years.

I’d held a dream job as an executive for Playboy, then a TV production vice president/producer. I’d gone from that to hosting and producing my own television shows. I even had an office at Universal Studios with a TV star as my partner.

I had always been interested in the powers of the human mind. I’d researched psychics, intuitive teachers, and business executives who said they used intuition to make decisions and many areas of deep paranormal study.

A whole world had opened to me when I began doing, quite by accident, intuitive coaching, which wasn’t what what it was called then. I’d never thought of myself as intuitive, at least not in the way it was turning out.

I had no intention of doing coaching or any sort of one-on-one work. It seemed to take on a synchronicity, which I’d surely pay more attention to today than I did then.

I’d been introduced to various movie and TV celebrities and executives who I’d been able to help out, giving information that I didn’t even understand myself sometimes. They, some of my friends began referring new people to me.

At first, I was happy to help, though uncomfortable with it all. I didn’t even charge for it. It was easy for me.

The build up had been slow but then someone called me a psychic. That jarred me and I very forcefully explained that that’s not what I was or did.

Most of the psychics I knew were either self-delusional or outright frauds who preyed on people’s weaknesses. I’d even investigated psychics and other frauds in that world behalf of a non-profit organization that I was involved with. Some of them were closer to psycho than psychic.

However, I also knew some psychics who were incredibly accurate and consistent. I was close to two of them who were actually retained by the CIA and other intelligence agencies to find lost agents and other clandestine information.

I knew that we are all intuitive and that sometimes it could seem almost mystical or psychic whenever an intuitive is “on.” But me as a psychic, and even an intuitive was too much for me to handle.

This was before the Internet, but my reputation became viral, spread by others, some who didn’t even know me, telling others, etc.

Though I hosted TV shows on the subject of the paranormal, including a stint as a special reporter on the subject for Channel 11 in Los Angeles, I never publicly identified myself as being intuitive. The closest I ever came to that was to say that we all have that capability.

I had some experiences that were so mystical they seemed out of a novel. One of them was the meeting of a woman, literally in a hollowed out cave below a giant rock in the middle of the California desert. A life changing event, though much later, and a story for another time.

I’d played around with one of the most powerful forces known to man its power truly frightened me. The power of our minds.

Much later, what I realized that I couldn’t handle were the “energy vampires,” those who thought I was some kind of guru. I didn’t want to be a guru or thought of as one. And psychic? Oh my god, no way! I was not that.

About that time my deal an Universal fell apart, there were few other options on the horizon. Though I could charge for my “coaching,” and had no shortage of potential clients, I withdrew from that world in every way.

I changed my phone number, disassociated myself with a lot of people and began a new life in business and entrepreneurship.

I stopped discussing my interests in intuition, powers of the mind, and anything to do with the paranormal. I just wanted to be “normal,” whatever that was.

Since then, life has been fascinating. I became a busy entrepreneur, author, consultant, coach, video producer, and professional speaker.

I’ve succeeded and failed, and with or without money and I have seldom been bored.

Then, a few years ago, it began again. That feeling that was so prevalent back in my 20’s.

Before I moved the Las Vegas, some very special friends of mine who also shared my interest in the power of the human mind and beyond, started new discussions. One of them introduced me to friends in Las Vegas, a mostly successful group of business and professional people who shared that common interest with us.

A monthly dinner discussion group was formed. As I revealed for the first time in many years, those early events, I was encouraged to use the training I’d had and done, to help others as well as myself.

I’d forgotten many of the life changing events that had happened to me because of intuition. I was supposed to be on a flight from LA to San Diego once, a flight I took regularly, 182. I had an overwhelming compulsion to drive instead. It made no sense, but I did it anyway. The plane crashed and killed all aboard.

I began helping some people out again. My friends urged me to be more open about that part of my life. I’d always used intuition with my clients anyway, I just didn’t discuss it. Why not let them know, they asked?

The level of my own lack of fulfillment was not obvious to me until then. I began doing a little coaching, then opened up a website called Your Inner Wizard and began improving on a course I’d taught at UCLA”s Experimental College on intuition and powers of the mind called The Wizard’s Edge, and a coaching site called The Wizard Sessions.

Here we are. I’ve written about it, I’m taking on new clients, I’m excited about it all and very gratified to see the results. The course I developed at UCLA was updated and now available as The Wizards Edge. So, life is good! Thank you for joining me on this journey.

NOTICE: Reduced fees for both The Wizard’s Edge And The Wizard Sessions are still available.
Subject to end without notice.

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