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What Two Traits Are Shared By Assassins and Saints?

  The assassin and the saint are both highly aware and very intuitive.   Can you imagine an unaware assassin? There’s a good comedy for you.   Saints are often described as having a “knowing look.” Saints are about love; assassins are about killing. Each, to be successful must share those same traits to carry […]


When Hope Is Like Dope

The first time I heard a great motivational speaker, I was hooked. I loved to be motivated. I attended every “motivational” seminar I could find. All that must have motivated me because I spent over 30 years as a motivational (usually as defined by others) speaker. I loved the laughs and applause that became crucial […]


Why I love procrastination

All those dreams, the book you would write one day, the business you’d start or improve upon. The perfect man or woman in your life; who you could meet if you didn’t put off going out.

Remember Tom Cruz in that movie when he said, “You complete me.”

Well, procrastination incompletes you. So, STOP IT!


The Entrepreneur Or Not?

In business for yourself but not by yourself? That’s a phrase I created over 25 years ago in my seminars and articles. I see it used a lot today, especially in one industry.  As a business strategist, coach, former consultant to Entrepreneur Magazine, and frequent speaker on business start-ups, I feel like I’ve seen them […]


Is This The “Crack Cocaine” Of Personal Development?

  In my seminar and book, “How To Take No For An Answer and Still Succeed,” I said that failure isn’t the problem, quitting is. So, I am often asked, How do you know when to quit? The answer to that question is always the same, “it depends.” It depends on the individual or, in […]


From Merlin To Harry Potter To You

Wizards are mythic and entertaining. Merlin seemed infallible while Harry Potter is always getting himself out of impending doom. To be wise is not necessarily a part of wizardry. There are several definitions of “Wizard,” but knowing something deeply and with great understanding is a part of it too. Even if we don’t always know […]


I was thinking about you – Here’s why

  Not too long ago it was pointed out to me by a long time friend that almost all of my work over many years has been about you, your advancement in life, greater success, realization, etc. Who, me? Believe me when I tell you that I immediately saw my flaws in 3-D at that […]