I was thinking about you – Here’s why

I was thinking about you

It’s about our future.

Not too long ago it was pointed out to me by a long time friend that almost all of my work over many years has been about you, your advancement in life, greater success, realization, etc.

Who, me? Believe me when I tell you that I immediately saw my flaws in 3-D.

A few days later, a long time client reminded me of a series of events where others had been helped in some way through the work I’ve been doing. The work? It comes down to personal development.

Your Power

Then I remembered your power. Sometimes I need a mental hit to bring me back to my center point or a reality check.

You may have heard me discuss synchronicity. My simple definition is when there seems to be a unique “coincidence” or thought or happenings that repeat in some way. When that happens, paying attention is in order. 

I went back to an article I wrote some time ago titled, “What Power You Must Have.” It was another time in my life when I had to be jerked into the reality that this was not about me, but you and all of us.

We all have our audiences. It’s our choice in what we offer to them. Whether one-on-one or to the masses.

But the problem is that too many people can’t see or feel their power. They see, as I described above, their flaws. Even focus on their lack of power instead of exploring what they have available to them.

A kind word to another person who knows nothing about you can change their day, sometimes their world. Is this power? Sure, but it’s mostly unseen. Because it’s not readily visible, it’s not a motivating factor for us to do that with greater regularity.

Now, complaints and anger, that’s a sharp display of power. Others see and react, and the person lashing out becomes the focus, negative though it may be, of their personal power.

People want to be heard, seen, and felt. Most people don’t think they are visible at all. The negative emotions can change that in an instant.

That’s why, most of the time, I sign off my notes to you here with, “More power to you.”

I realized that’s my job! Not because I’m so powerful because of course, I am, but because you are too and it’s time for it to come out in the most positive ways that can bring you the greatest return for your time.inspiration

Compensation Awareness

You will be compensated in direct proportion to the positive power you realize and put forth. That’s where my most significant advancements in life have occurred.

If you stay with me, I’m going to show you more ways to tap into your power. To advance your life, your career, and what you want to attract.

When I read what I just wrote, I still feel that mental urge to display all my flaws. I won’t bore you with those now. I could make the mistake I’ve seen my clients and others make throughout their lives and only see their negatives and not realize the true power within.

Reality Check

Yes, I’m in business, and yes, I will have offers of my services or others for you to consider. They may or may not be right for you. But keep in mind that I feel that if I’m not serving you in some positive way besides trying to sell you something all the time, I have no chance and will have to do what we see all too often. Create new people every day to sell stuff to every day after that until they unsubscribe.

That’s not the relationship I want for us. You can write me anytime, I read all my emails and will answer as soon as possible.

I’m going to be connecting with you more often with what I intend to be potentially helpful material.

My world of personal development can be broken down into these four elements:





My experience and focus are within entrepreneurship, spirituality, and mind power.

So, stay tuned, interact with me as much as you like. Take a look at my Facebook page, and please LIKE it at High-Speed Personal Development, where I’ll be more active now. Please also share it with those you think might find value in this kind of material. https://www.facebook.com/HighSpeedPersonalDevelopment/

More power to you!