How Can Things Work Even Better?

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in the valley of Las Vegas. Where I live is a quiet neighborhood with an occasional dog bark. But even the dogs are polite over here; they seldom bark more than a couple of times. 

Outside my office window, marching by, a family of quails on their daily round-trip forage. A hummingbird is hovering into his favorite flower that’s right against my window. Another daily routine I’m privileged to watch.

In only a 20-minute drive, and I’ll hit traffic and casinos with all that noise and craziness that is what most people think is Las Vegas. Later I’ll be meeting an old friend in one of those casinos, well, the fancy restaurant, which is soundproof, thank the stars.

It makes me think how close we are to chaos regardless of where we are. Even right here in this lovely, quiet surrounding. Anything can happen at any time. If I go to “The Strip,” I’m much more likely to experience or at least see some wild and even dangerous event. 

But then, I don’t know about you, but I’ve often found that there’s opportunity in chaos. Can you think of examples in your life when that’s been true? 

Speaking of chaos, an old friend and business associate asked me the other day if I’d like to go back to corporate consulting? 

For years, one of the things I liked about the work I did was that it was exciting.

Clients only retained me if they were in trouble or were stuck. Some of these were considerably large companies with big budgets and great brainpower already in place. 

In between consulting or as a part of the package, I did a lot of public speaking and training. That’s a great life, except for the travel, which for me back then was all the time.

Most of those people, from the CEO’s to the vice presidents were smarter and better educated than I (or is it me?). See what I mean! They certainly knew their companies better in every respect.

My focus was usually on finding marketing strategies or discovering “holes” in their operations that were losing money or causing slowdowns or unnecessary chaos. I never failed to find something significant. 

I also realized that many of those corporate leaders, had they also come from the outside with a more objective approach, surely would have had similar successes. 

I wouldn’t have wanted to run any of those companies, even though an occasional job offer was presented. I loved the variety of what I did, and yes, even the chaos. 

I didn’t quit doing that; life got in the way. I spent several years developing a hotel-casino that bit the dust in the 2008 crash where we lost all of our potential investors. 

Then, as I was getting up and running again; cancer struck. So, some more years away from the circus. 

98% of my business was by referral. When you lose that momentum, it really is a total restart. 

I saw clearly how I was not capable of being my own consultant or coach. In fact, it’s funny, but when I’m working with coaching clients on their businesses, I’ll frequently come up with an idea that I can use in my business. Then wonder, “why didn’t I think of that earlier for my own business?”

I seldom travel anymore. The whole world is through my computer screen or iPad or iPhone. But the question he asked the other day got me thinking. Why not go back and do an occasional seminar or corporate gig? 

I failed to come up with a reason why not. I loved doing both of those things and am amazed I haven’t pursued either of them for so long.

What about you? What aren’t you doing that you know you love but just got away from doing? 

Or, what is it you want to do that you haven’t done, but you just can’t quite find your way to do it? 

If you’d care to share the answers to either of those questions, either in a public comment or in a private message to me, please do so. I’d love to know that answer. Maybe I can make a suggestion.

If you have a suggestion for me, I’d love hearing that as well.

More power to you,

P.S. I’ve come to realize that much of my coaching work is about “completion.” That is, the realization of goals, how to get there, what do when stuck, etc. Think of this question if you’re “incomplete.” What am I not doing that I could do? 
Remember, the person who is stuck and says, “I’ve tried everything,” has just given up. They’ve only tried everything they know to try. Possibilities are unlimited. 

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