Easter – Their Way Or…

3CrossesOn this Holy Day I wish all who celebrate Easter a very Happy Easter.

For many years I’ve identified myself as spiritual, not religious. I was brought up in a casual Christian home where Sunday School was mandatory until I was old enough to get out of it.

Confirmation classes on summer were not an option either. I could hardly wait to get out on those sunny Saturdays to hang with my buddies. But one day, when we got together we actually discussed religion. It got me excited and I began asking the minister the next week a battery of questions.

His impatience and unwillingness to guide me in any way, outside of his lesson plan caused me to look at various forms of religion and spirituality.

Over the years I feel that I came to know and love God with all kinds of open questions yet to be revealed to me. The death of Christ brings me to near tears, though I can’t wrap my mind around the literal translation of the Bible.

But that’s all well and good as I respect all religions who don’t coral heaven as their exclusive domain or threaten damnation to those who don’t see it their way. Their way or the hell way? No way.

So, peace to us all and may we find it within and without as we find our way in the world and in the universe.

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