Dr. John Alexander Interview – Psychic Soldiers

What You Can Learn From
The US Military’s Use Of Psychic Soldiers

It’s now well known that the US military in what may have been one of their most creative and audacious endeavors, the training and recruiting of regular soldiers to psychically spy on on the enemy. There were many aspects to this research and application, but overall, one thing stands out, everyone has some form on intuitive ability.

Dr. John Alexander, one of the key players in this research, certainly believes that and says so quite plainly.

The movie, starring George Clooney, playing Alexander, is a comedy.

The research was serious business and very beneficial to the military and later to those who wished to take advantage of it.

The major takeaway for us all is to acknowledge that we likely have a lot more natural abilities with our minds than we give ourselves credit for.

If ever there was a time to make use of that, it’s now.

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Dr. John Alexander’s Interview

The First Earth Battalion is active today.
Founder, Jim Channon (played by Jeff Bridges in the film)
and more information about their work, can be found here.

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