Does M+I+C=Success?

Isn’t motivation incredible? Doesn’t it feel great to be excited about something in life? It’s energizing, isn’t it?

Motivation is good until it’s bad

Motivation is also addictive. Like a drug, It’s a “fix” that many search for over and over. It becomes a constant hunt for some because, again like a drug, it wears off. Motivation pitfalls

Unlike a drug, motivation can be had instantly and cheaply, even free. Look at all the helpful motivational sayings that pepper the Internet through our social media and in-boxes.

YouTube videos of great motivators are but a click away.

It’s good that the energy it creates is high and will carry us forward with a strong feeling of possibility. Maybe even the chance of great accomplishment.

Motivation becomes addictive when it’s being repeated without accomplishment. But the “feel-good” element goes only so far if nothing else comes of it. Another fix is required.

Feeling good is vastly important in our quality of life and relationships. So, finding the motivation to help maintain that, along with a conscious and active reminder of our reasons beyond that is always important.

The danger of motivation is because the fix element is what it wears us down. A runner can go farther and faster if he keeps getting injected with adrenaline. But just as the body will respond with greater energy, it will wear down and wither in the long term. Maybe long before the finish line.

So, as a former motivation “addict,” I can offer this suggestion. Find the motivation that gives you the energy to find inspiration. Where motivation creates energy, inspiration creates commitment.

So, ultimately our search should be for what will carry us longer and closer to our goals without wearing us down.

To be inspired can overwhelm self-doubt and become the real vehicle towards our future achievements in life. 


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