Cool_2“The Wizard Of AHA’s,” is what one client called Tom Justin. Problem-solving is the basis of Tom’s work in coaching, consulting, writing and speaking.

Tom is an executive level coach with clients from a wide spectrum of business, the arts, and science.

His approach to solutions comes with a high degree of intuition, decades of experience and results. Some of his clients have included American Airlines, celebrities, scientists, and people from all walks of life, to Entrepreneur Magazine, where he consulted and served as Executive Editor of The Entrepreneur’s Encyclopedia.

Tom brings an eclectic background, which spans the arts to business to the worlds of spirituality and mind power to his, many audiences around the world.

Unlike many younger and less experienced coaches, Tom Justin didn’t graduate from some online coaching course with a “degree.” With 35+ years of experience in business, personal growth, writing, speaking, and private coaching, (before it was called coaching), he brings a multitude of tools for solutions in business and life.

Throughout his adult life, Tom has been a professional communicator in all mediums. He has trained tens of thousands on the topics of personal, business and spiritual development.

Tom’s topics are as diverse as marketing, Internet strategies, creative writing, business start-ups and using your intuition in everyday life.

He was a guest lecturer at UCLA’s Experimental College for a six-week series entitled, “Power Mind.” The course was designed to increase awareness and intuition, where he developed the program known today as “The Wizard’s Edge.”

Because of his interest as a researcher and actualizer of the powers of the mind, Tom was elected the president of The Society for Psychical Research of Beverly Hills, California.

He later produced and hosted a series of TV specials entitled, “Psychic Explorations,” that included interviewing a variety of experts in quantum physics, psychics and scientists on the powers of the mind. He also served as a special reporter for the Metromedia News Network on Channel 11 in Los Angeles on the same topics.

In addition to Tom’s seminars, he has been a highly sought-after marketing consultant as well as the co-founder/senior executive of a Beverly Hills multi-million dollar marking corporation.
Tom is the creator of the websites, YourInnerWizard.com, YourInnerMarketer.com and several online marketing and transformational programs.

Tom’s book, “How To Take No For An Answer and Still Succeed,” an Amazon best-seller, is a book about overcoming and using rejection in your personal and business life. A senior publishing 0963040189Coverexecutive, who published “Conversations With God,” remarked that it contained a surprising blend of spiritual principles for such a business-based book. It has garnered positive reviews from celebrities and readers worldwide.

Tom was featured in Reader’s Digest and has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows. He is currently working on a new book and course soon to be announced.

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