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When Hope Is Like Dope

The first time I heard a great motivational speaker, I was hooked. I loved to be motivated. I attended every “motivational” seminar I could find. All that must have motivated me because I spent over 30 years as a motivational (usually as defined by others) speaker. I loved the laughs and applause that became crucial […]


How Can Things Work Even Better?

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in the valley of Las Vegas. Where I live is a quiet neighborhood with an occasional dog bark. But even the dogs are polite over here; they seldom bark more than a couple of times.  Outside my office window, marching by, a family of quails on their daily round-trip forage. A […]


Why I love procrastination

All those dreams, the book you would write one day, the business you’d start or improve upon. The perfect man or woman in your life; who you could meet if you didn’t put off going out.

Remember Tom Cruz in that movie when he said, “You complete me.”

Well, procrastination incompletes you. So, STOP IT!