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Why Tony Robbins’ People Hated Me

INTRO A long-time friend of mine, Marlene Damon, is a top notch marriage and family counselor. Recently she asked for some help with a new book she’s writing: a powerful work on abusive relationships.  We hadn’t talked for some time, and just the day before, I’d told another friend about the time I was called […]


I’m Announcing My Candidacy

My fellow Americans: I’ve always enjoyed watching the political process play out. I’ve even had a couple of politicians as clients over the years. This election, as you probably agree, has been gruesome. Are you sick of hearing these polls too? In 2012, most of them were dead wrong. Most of the pundits were dead […]


Only If You’re In Business Or Want To Be

Are you in business or independently employed in commission only sales or affiliate marketing, or direct selling? If not, are you thinking about it? I’ve been an entrepreneur for about 95% of my life. I’ve been an advisor, coach, consultant and hard-nosed practitioner of the ups and downs that come with entrepreneurial freedom.  I’ve made […]