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“How Do I know You?”

If you’re an entrepreneur or you’re an employee with visions of success beyond your position, this is for you. In the world of the Internet and social media, most of us “get around” a lot. If you’re over 40 you have a base of comparison before and after the World Wide Web your probably have […]



We were lucky to have the mom we had. She was full of humor and love. She stayed with us laughing and joking almost until the end, at the age of 97.We loved to give her sappy holiday and birthday cards because she’d always cry. Then we’d all laugh and soon she’d by laughing and […]


Everyone Does This, Most Don’t Like It Done To Them

How To Stop Fighting Being The Most Effective Person You Can Be

I’ve had numerous clients and business associates with professional backgrounds. Lawyers, medical doctors, psychologists, etc. At one time or another, I had to convince each of them, that to have had any modicum of success they were also in sales.