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I Delivered A Baby In The Backseat Of A Brand New Car In Front Of 250 People

This happened some years ago. It flashed back on me today because it gave me such an awe for human life and later; gratitude for my own life. It’s also crazy funny…now. I’d been hired by a group of film investors to negotiate a deal with Johnny Cash and his manager regarding a project they’d […]


Stress Helps You Fly

Years ago I was introduced to a couple of simple philosophies that helped me through some high-stress situations. Looking back today, my application of this information may have saved my life. I know that it’s helped countless numbers of people that I’ve shared it with through my coaching, seminars, writings, etc. I can’t claim authorship […]



Do you ever feel alone when you’re stuck in a problem and don’t know what to do next? Well, you’re not alone. From my wealthiest clients, celebrities, small business owners and me; we get stuck. Brainstorms, masterminding, coaching, etc., all helps. But sometimes, if we aren’t connected to someone who can help, then we need […]