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Fear and F.E.A.R.

FEAR! What do you think? For years I heard and repeated the acronym, False Evidence Appearing Real. Then it occurred to me that not all fear was based on false evidence. In fact, when we are confronted with fear and the time to consider it, ie; not an emergency) there is more sensible formula for […]


The Worst Years Of My Life And The Lesson Learned

 Once a television interviewer asked me a question at the end of his interview that was to have a profound effect on my life.  He asked: “What aren’t you doing in your speaking career that you would like to be doing?” I thought for a moment and told him that when I wasn’t giving seminars, […]


You, A Great Pursuader?

In a seminar I was giving, I began talking about influence. How we are influenced, by whom, why we are, and most important, how we influence others. This was a diverse audience from multimillionaires to entrepreneur wannabes. One of the people on the front row seemed especially attentive, but she caught my attention because she […]