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WOW… Simple, Powerful, Life Changing

The other night I was watching TV and seeing all the craziness happening locally, in Washington and even the world. It seems like life on this planet is reaching a climax of some sort doesn’t it? And in our personal lives, my friends and family and even with you, our community we are hearing the […]


Grief as a compliment and a slur

  In my coaching practice I’ve had to deal with clients during times of personal loss. I’m not a therapist, but it’s not much different than when a friend is going through grief. All the platitudes may seem empty in the immediate moments but they convey that their friends are there for them. Grief is […]


Rescued By John Wayne and Intuition

An Intuition Rescue Story I used to joke that at the age of 21 I was so broke I had to sleep in the backseat of the car, which was disgusting since I didn’t own a car. The first part is true and part of an incredible series of circumstances. I’d gone from being the […]