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Stuck Without Knowing It

I was born and raised in western North Dakota where the winters, heck even the falls, can be brutal. As a teenager, a buddy of mine and I were out duck hunting one snowy day and came across another car stuck in a snowdrift. We pulled over, and after a considerable amount of time, we […]


Celebrate The Spirit!

Mourning is a compliment to those who’ve passed.   When that is replaced by a celebration of the spirit that lived within and lives beyond,  the latter is an endless memorial.                                                                Share This:


Go Elevate Yourself!

Move up, advance, improve, get more, be more, be all you can be, and many other like phrases. These speak the common desire to have more than we have now.  I was in a session with a personal coaching client  and we were discussing advancing in life and in business. He’s had an up and […]