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Failure, Your Next Step To Success

Knowledge is not power, the right use of knowledge is where you find power. Both in my coaching/consulting business and seminars over the years, I’m amazed at how many people fail to take action for one primary reason; fear of failing. Many fear that others will see them do it wrong, make mistakes, or just […]



I found this quote in a book and audio program I created years ago, called “Relationship Breakthroughs.” It’s not on the market any longer, but maybe I’ll bring it back. Anyway, here goes – what do YOU think? “A relationship begins from within because relationships are not found, they are created.” Share This:


It’s Saved My Life And Got Me Into A Vegas Show – The Guiding Link

My “Intuitive Click”has saved my life, changed my life, and brought amazing things and people into my life. Yet as often as it’s happened, I’m still amazed. Here’s another “Click” story for you. I don’t like moving. I would imagine those who do are only those associated with Bekins or Allied Van Lines. Yuck! I’m […]