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I Found God In The Bathtub At The Los Angeles Hilton Hotel

Excerpted from the forthcoming book by Tom Justin: “Lessons From Life Learned Late, But Just In Time”             It happened many years ago, yet it’s as fresh to me as if it were yesterday. It had been a glorious day. The main ballroom in the L.A. Hilton was packed. It was SRO, standing room only. […]


My Life In 150 Words

This challenge is interesting. Readers’ Digest is having a contest to share your life in 150 words or less. I decided to enter, want to see it? Of course, some people don’t think I could invite you to coffee at Starbucks with less than 150 words. But here’s my life in EXACTLY 150 words. It’s […]


Your Boat Is Ready

 I’ve missed so many boats in life they started naming piers after me. But I also jumped on many others. Some sank, some went in circles, some returned empty, and others made their destinations.  The latter group made all the others worth the effort. Our boats in life are actions. Some prove correct, others not so […]